Monday, November 8, 2010


This duck my hubby and I spotted by the edge of a pond. Underneath it were a couple of little chicks.  It was amazing to watch.  Any Suggestions as to what the duck is. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today hubby and I were down by the Big Qualicum River and spotted these Harlequin Ducks. These ducks can be found  by  fast-moving water, the Harlequin Duck breeds on fast-flowing streams and winters along rocky coastlines in the crashing surf, which exactly where Big Qualicum River is located.   The female are the shabby brown and of course the male is the colourful duck.  They are very nice to look at.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trumpeter Swan

Hubby and I were down the river the other day and spotted these two swans with Canada geese.  What I haven't been able to distinguish is I know the black bill, long neck and white body is the trumpeter, but in the description of these swans there is nothing saying that male and female have different coloured bills and yet these two have.  I was also told that they mate for life.  Any suggestions, are they both the same bird with different bills...  After looking further it would appear that the swan with the orange bill is a Mute Swan.

November birds

Today after putting out the feed in the feeder and ground my yard was inundated with birds. The two on the branch are Rusty Blackbirds.  They have such a wonderful call.  Along with the blackbirds were Stellar Jays, European Starlings, Towhees, California Quail....yes it was a plethora of birds, such a wonderful sight to behold and to hear.