Sunday, April 19, 2009

American Goldfinch et al..............

This time of year the birds are in an where I do I am fortunate that I don't have to travel to far to experience the splendars of are but a few samplings of the vistors to our property.......

The American GoldFinch(Carduelis tristis)

And here it is with some Pine Siskin

Although not a very clear picture in this photo you have the Purple finch(in center of the photo and off to the left just behind the grass you will find another)the American Goldfinch, and more Pine siskin

Purple finch(male)Carpodacus purpureus

I believe this is a female House finch(Carpodacus mexicanus)
And of course this guy didn't want to miss out on all of the we have the California Quail male (Callipepla californica)
We get a lot of quail on the property and this time of year it is so much fun to see them come out, mom, dad and the babies...I have seen up to 14 at once all travelling in a row.


  1. Hi, I was thrilled to see the photo of the stellar's jay in your sidebar. Very striking. Your series of photos is nice. I think the one you thought might be a female house finch is actually a male goldfinch that hasn't molted yet. Ours stay year-round and turn that drab olive color in the winter. They look pretty scraggly for a week or so while their summer feathers are growing in. Goldfinches are among my favorite birds--love that yellow!

  2. I thought I would pass this link on to you from one of my blogging friends. It's a close-up photo of a female house finch, and I thought you would enjoy it.