Sunday, May 16, 2010

Partridge or Grouse?

Today hubby and I were making our way into town, when we noticed a vehicle pulled over to the side of the road and a bird was in the middle of the road. We slowed down and then pulled over.

The woman looked like she was trying to capture the bird, we weren't sure if it was hers or if there was a problem with the bird. So hubby went to see if he could help. I on the other hand decided to get out the camera.

Here she almost caught it with her jacket...but this bird was quick. We have a Wildlife Bird Sanctuary not far from us and had it been hurt that was were she was thinking of taking it. Well I don't' think this bird was hut....just lost.Here it made it's way back to the middle of the road.....hubby and the lady tried to guide it.....

There's hubby guiding it off the road.....then guess what....

This bird decided to fly right up onto the back of my truck!!!

After doing some research I am still perplexed. I think this might be a Blue Grouse, which is considered abundant in these areas but generally are found in mid to high mountain terrain. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've never seen one...but what a fun encounter :-) It is always neat to get to see birds of any kind up close. I'm glad it wasn't hurt.