Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Clark's Nutcatcher

It's been awhile since I have made a post on my bird blog. I unfortunately haven't had much time to get out to do any birding. Today, without even trying my hubby and I spotted this bird on our property. It was around 4:30 when I arrived home and saw this bird in my driveway. Later that evening my husband tells me he spotted a new bird and had photos of it on our camera. Well what a pleasant surprise. It turns out we both were looking at the same bird.

This bird is an obscure bird for our area. Apparently these birds only make it our to the Pacific Coast about every 15 years when the pines fail to produce enough seed.

These are considered a scavenger bird making birds eggs and nestlings as part of their diet. The also eat suet from feeders, and insects. They are generally found in coniferous forests in mountains.

Happy Birding all!!


  1. Congratulations on spotting a new bird! And how wonderful that it is such a rare visitor--that just makes its visit so much more special.

  2. He's a cute little thing! And how fun to see a rare bird to your area!

  3. Many of our Whitebarks and other pines are dying from blight/beetles/global warming--pretty tough on the Nutcrackers.

  4. You must be in the northwest somewhere? I saw these birds last summer while visiting my sister in Seattle up on Mt. Rainier. Beautiful birds!